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Throw It Up March 18th

Highlights/Upcoming Events

March 2022:

Single Release Throw It Up ft Mori Briscoe & Pe$o Ferb MARCH 18th

December 2021:

Keep It Moving EP has surpassed 70K streams

August 2021:

New single "OUTSIDE" availablle on all platforms

January 2021:

World Drip Mixtape has surpassed over 50K streams 

October 2020:

Steph Lyon's "Libra Child" is on all streaming platforms!

March 2019:

Single "Go To Church" was added to a Spotify curated playlist "New Street" make sure to check it out Spotify: New Street

March 2019:

Headline show Lyon Gala 2019 was a great success sold out with 160 in attendance 

Seyi Lyon-26.jpg




"The KEEP IT MOVING EP is like my continuation of the SoundCloud exclusive EP TROUBLE that I released a while back. Kind of moves the hype from its high point back to a more relaxed Steph Lyon as I wasn't as angry anymore at the world" - Steph Lyon

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